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Triptych Ltd
Triptych is committed to promoting the preservation and conservation of heritage collections.

 Meet the team. All are members of the New Zealand Conservators of Cultural Materials group.

Our name

The name Triptych (pronounced trip-tick) was chosen during a brainstorming session that started with the word diptych. Diptych was an ancient book form consisting of tablets of wood, metal or ivory. The inner surfaces of the tablets were hollowed out and filled with wax, which formed a surface for writing with a stylus. Rings or thongs were used to hinge the tablets. Ordinary diptychs were generally made simply in wood; those for ceremonial use were sometimes carved from ivory and fitted with gold or jewels. Some beautiful specimens belong to the Byzantine period, 530 to 560 AD. The diptych is interesting because it is both a manuscript and a binding. A triptych is a three tablet version of a diptych. We called our enterprise Triptych because it fitted with our core focus on books and archives, and because there were three founding partners. Triptych was established in 2001 by David Ashman, Joy Culy and Sarah Drake.

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