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Archouse Protective Enclosures

Please note:
Triptych Ltd has produced archival boxes and folders since 2000. During 2021 and 2022 we have had some trials and tribulations with our international supplier of archival board – and now no longer have a supplier. With some soul searching Triptych has decided to stop producing our range of mass produced die-cut boxes and folders. After talking with team from Conservation Supplies in Havelock North we have reached an agreement where Conservation Supplies takes over the production of these Triptych box and folder designs. The boxes and folders will be added to their existing range and customers will be able to buy directly from Conservation Supplies.  Please contact Conservation Supplies

Triptych will continue to supply all the rest of its range of products and services as listed in the website. 

Triptych will continue to offer its service to produce custom-made enclosures for individual items or collections.