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Our PICPOCKET range of polypropylene sleeves are designed for easy and safe organisation of photograph collections. The sleeves are sized to suit common photograph formats and to fit snugly in matching boxes.  The three sleeve layouts - 1 pocket, 2 pocket and 4 pocket – allow images of different sizes to be stored safely together in the same sequence.  PICPOCKET sleeves provide physical support and surface protection. The emulsion surface is protected yet clearly visible through the thin 0.08mm top layer. The thicker .38mm contact clear backing provides the support - reducing flexing which can stress the laminate structure of a photograph causing crazing and cracking.  The reverse side is visible and can be photocopied through the plastic. There is no need to label the sleeve as your reference number on the back of the photo can been seen, although if needed the backing can be written on in 2B pencil. Once the photo is in place the need to handle it is reduced hugely - and no adhesive is required. The matching shallow boxes with one drop side provide a safe storage unit and allow flat storage and ease of acess. Boxes also protect from light, dust and handling, help reduce effects of temperature and RH fluctuation and from disaster.

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Picpocket A 1 Picpocket A
260x210mm 1 pocket
260x210mm 2 pocket
260x210mm 4 pocket
Picpocket B 1 Picpocket B
280x219mm 1 pocket
280x219mm 2 pocket
280x219mm 4 pocket
Picpocket C 1 Picpocket C
380x285mm 1 pocket
380x285mm 2 pocket
380x285mm 4 pocket
Picpocket D 2 Picpocket D
425x315mm 1 pocket
425x315mm 2 pocket
425x315mm 4 pocket
Picpocket F Picpocket F
320x230mm 1 pocket
320x230mm 2 pocket
320x230mm 4 pocket